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As student-athletes become more serious about sports around the high school level, we will help teach them about the recruitment process for college. We understand this process firsthand from members of our Board and their experiences from being recruited at the Division I level, and now some currently recruit at the Division II and Division III levels.


Beyond The Game provides funding to Stark and Franklin County High School Juniors and Seniors, which will allow them to attend college camps and market themselves for recruiting. To obtain assistance from our organization, students will need to:

  • Maintain a 2.8 GPA (or show steady improvement of GPA)

  • Have at minimum four hours of community service

  • Provide a letter of recommendation from coaches, teachers, and staff, demonstrating their merit


We want to motivate and reward hard work in the classroom and the community. By providing kids the opportunity to visit a college campus and attend a camp of their choice, could help them find the right college for them. Furthermore, we will hold an annual seminar to educate parents about the recruiting process, along with the risks and rewards of playing sports. We will strive to help kids understand that they can play the sports they love, but also use these same sports to get a great education, and better their lives for the future.

2018 The University of Cincinnati

2018 The Ohio State University

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