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Sharon Jordan Memorial Scholarship



We want to honor a special member of our Beyond The Game Family, Sharon Jordan who helped start this organization. In August of 2021, Sharon passed away. She had a passion for helping young people and to continue that, Beyond The Game will give out a scholarship every August to a High School Senior. Follow us to be stay up to date with information. 





Jaden Coley graduated from Reynoldsburg High School with a 3.4 GPA May 23, 2022.


Jaden is a USTA Junior Pro Tennis player. He is a member of the Scarborough tennis club as well as a former tennis captain for the Reynoldsburg High School tennis team. He finished Top 30 in Ohio District finalist. He has won multiple championships and matches, and has a passion for tennis. 


He enjoys coaching young children in tennis and can be found at the tennis club giving lessons. It’s been his dream to help expose and inspire young children of color to play tennis. He is also a member of Ace with Love Junior tennis team a non profit organization that teaches life skills through tennis. 


His favorite thing to do is spend time with his 5 year old brother and he always sets time aside a couple times a month for “Brothers Day” where he treats his little brother to all his favorite things and activities. 


He will be attending Lourdes University in Sylvania Ohio on a tennis and academic scholarship. He will be studying digital media and design. Upon completion of his undergraduate studies he plans to preform a professional USTA tennis player.

Jaden Coley
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