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- Vice President of Beyond The Game & Motivational Concerts

A former Multi-Sport Athlete in football, wrestling, track and basketball, Elijah Desmond is now a Motivator, Keynote Speaker, Educator, Leader, Philanthropist, Innovator, Inspirational Speaker, Social Media Influencer, DJ and Best-Selling Author. From a young age, Elijah was inspired by community outreach and understood that youth are the future. His foundation, The Ladder of Life, is a life-long dream of his that has become a reality. He shares his own motivational message to high school students in hopes of positively influencing their lives, and the foundation gives back to students and communities in need through scholarship and mission programs. Elijah has spoken over 700 hours throughout his career and aspires to spread his message worldwide. “Beyond The Game is a platform that allows me to give back to the next generation of kids”


Once a conflicted teenager, he beat adversity and became a serial entrepreneur as a young adult. Elijah is from Canton, Ohio, and a graduate of Fairless High School. He started taking college classes at the age of 15 and went on to graduate from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Dental Hygiene. After graduating college, he moved to Hawaii. He worked in Honolulu before starting his first business; a temping agency. The company grew quickly and had nearly 80 people on staff when he sold the business years later. 


Elijah has started 13 businesses (and counting)! Some of his endeavors include Driven Dental Implant Marketing and Smiles at Sea, as well as an international conference on cruise ships. You can find him influencing through social media on platforms like Dental Hub 360 and Trapped in an OP, or you can listen to his Constant Smiles podcast for inspiration. He has spoken over 700 hours at conferences and motivational events worldwide, and is the leader of our Motivational Concerts. He currently resides in Florida with his wife and 2 daughters.

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