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Who We Are

Girls with Peals is a leadership group for girls under the direction of Beyond The Game and faculty located in the hosting school. It is a program for 3rd grade girls who have agreed to give up their recess and lunch to participate in a monthly luncheon. On these days, the girls are dressed for success with pearls and gloves. During the luncheon, lessons are delivered on dining etiquette, showing respect to the elderly, community service, importance of saying thank you, goal setting, learning how to be a success in our society, and more! Guest speakers from the community have also joined the luncheons to share their personal experiences with the students. Our motto is Treasured. Valued. Empowered.

About The Program

The girls who are a part of the Girls With Pearls program, agree to give up their recess and lunch to participate in 7 monthly lessons throughout the school year. During the lessons, we strive to deliver on how to properly introduce yourself, the importance of first impressions, dining etiquette, showing respect, community service, the importance of saying thank you, goal setting, and more! We also have guest speakers from the community join the meetings to share their personal experiences with the students! At the end of the year, the girls are awarded with a pizza party and a certificate of completion from the program. 

Our Vision

Our vision for Girls With Pearls is to have our program implemented in more than 100 schools across the nation by 2025. We strive to find donors to sponsor schools in neighborhoods that may not have the funds to run the program so that we can impact girls' lives and make a change for our future leaders! If you are interested or know of someone interested in sponsoring a current school or school in your community, please reach out to us today!


Congratulations to some of our Girls With Pearls '22-'23 graduates!

Girls With Pearls Apparel Now Available!

We are proud to partner with Fully Promoted out of Canton, Ohio to bring you Girls With Pearls Apparel! Click below to visit the apparel store and purchase your very own Girls With Pearls gear! The Girls With Pearls apparel site was created to build awareness and raise funds for the Girls With Pearls Foundation. We sincerely appreciate your support.

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These precious young girls are a true blessing in my life! Undoubtedly, I have received more emotionally from these young ladies than I ever could have given to them. In the words of St. Francis of Assisi, "It is in giving that we receive.

-Barb Ewing , Girls With Pearls Mentor

Interested in implementing or sponsoring?

Girls with Pearls is supported by donations and sponsorships. To learn how you can implement this program into one of your local schools, or how you can help provide our young girls an opportunity to help achieve success, please contact us today!


What we've been up to

Girls With Pearls is now in Ohio, Arizona, and Nevada! Check out some of our girls from this past school year! 

What our girls are saying

"One thing I learned from Girls With Pearls is to not giv up. Always beleive in yourself and we are always powerful."

-Alyna Ramirez

"In Girls With Pearls I learned how if you help people they will spread it around. That is helping the community to learn how to help. When I meet someone new, I now know how to greet myself because of Girls With Pearls. Thank you"

-Allison Mara

"One thing that I like about Girls With Pearls is that we get to help people and it is fun to learn new stuff. That is why I like Girls With Pearls."

-Darla Rodriguez

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