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-President & Founder of Beyond The Game

Devin Jordan is the founder of Beyond The Game and has a passion of enriching the lives of young people and giving back to the community. As a former student athlete and current college football coach for The Ohio State University, and over 10 years of college football coaching experience, he understand that a kid’s first experience with sports is vital to whether they continue on with them. Devin states that “It’s imperative to teach our youth that there is MORE to gain from sports than just playing the game. This is the purpose of Beyond The Game.”


Devin was a highly recruited football prospect coming out of Massillon Washington high school and was blessed to receive a full ride scholarship to play at THE Ohio State University. He had dreams and the talent to make it to the NFL. One day, however, that dream was cut short due to injury. Because Devin had a strong foundation of academics, he was still able to finish his college career with a degree in Human Ecology. After college, Devin worked for big-name companies, such as Nationwide Insurance and Chase Bank, before eventually getting the opportunity to pursue his passion: coaching college football and working with the youth!


In addition to being the Founder and President of Beyond The Game, Devin also coaches for THE Ohio State University and is one of the exclusive speakers for the THE Ohio State University Alumni Club! Devin has a strong desire to help kids achieve a high level of education, just like he did, by helping them understand that education is essential to success in life. With Beyond The Game, Devin wants to teach kids that at some point, being able to play sports will end, so it’s crucial to have the resources and a plan to move on to the next phase in their life.

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