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- Motivational Speaker & Guys With Ties Leader

Jamal entered the business field with the fortitude and strength of a winner. Utilizing his knowledge of sports, coaching, and winning, Jamal became an entrepreneur dedicated to inspiring others to make positive life choices, healthier lifestyles, and be the best champion they can be. As a business owner, Jamal continues to lead his companies to success.


He doesn’t just teach greatness– he’s done it!

Around the country, Jamal INSPIRES audiences to ASPIRE to win.


Jamal Luke attended Beechcroft High School from 1995-1999 and was a 2-Year Letterman and 2-time State Playoff Qualifier in football.


In the world of college athletics, where a team is driven mostly by a coach and the recruited players, there are very few players with the drive, ambition and talent to succeed as a walk-on. The odds of making the team are low, and the hierarchy of the team is stacked. Despite these odds, Jamal chose to try-out for The Ohio State University Football Team not as a recruited player, but as a walk-on.


Not only did Jamal make the team, he played football from 2000-2003. 1-Year Letterman - Big Ten Champion in 2002 and a member of the 2002 NCAA Division 1-A National Championship Team. His determination to succeed is not selfish – after pursuing various professional football opportunities, Jamal discovered his passion for pushing others to succeed. Coaching soon became Jamal’s outlet to inspire and motivate others to become champions. Jamal Luke’s determination, focus, and pure tenacity: characteristics associated with being a champion. Jamal not only applies these characteristics, he personifies them. He knows what it takes to be a true CHAMPION – in life, in athletics, and in business.




Having conquered his own personal adversity, Jamal truly understands the challenges that most people face. He walks his audiences through harnessing the power within themselves to overcome obstacles and achieve personal greatness. Imparting on his audiences that failure is never fatal unless it is final, Jamal encourages others to conquer their fears and fight to succeed. Jamal will inspire you to find the CHAMPION within!

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