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Beyond The Game works with youth to achieve success not  only in sports but in the community and the classroom as well. Scroll through some of our testimonials below to read how education has helped others GO BEYOND!

"Gowing up, my parents always stressed the importance of having a degree. I loved wrestling, but my passion was being successful in all facets of life. I saw the big picture early on and understood that having an education."

Jason Johnstone

Perry HS Graduate

Degree: Bachelors in political science from

The Ohio State University

Currently an Operations Manager for Cardinal Health, overseeing narcotics and refrigerated pharmaceutical distribution at the national logistics center in Groveport Ohio

"Education means everything to me, I feel it's the main reason I'm able to still have the success I have in life after football as far as in the business side of things. I feel education is something that can never be taken away!"

Reggie Corner

Canton McKinley HS graduate

Degree: Science of Education from University of Akron

Former NFL player for the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars

"Growing up in my household, obtaining a good education was a requirement as my parents viewed that as my only “true” responsibility. For the individuals seeking the end game, when you view the overall impacts of education, I cannot make it any simpler for you then this. The more you learn the more you earn."


Jonathan Pittman

Massillon Washington HS Graduate

Degree in Accounting from Saint Josephs College

"Education is a great choice that has given me confidence and opened the door to many opportunities."


Madison Lukens

North Canton Hoover HS graduate

Bachelors degree in Spanish and Political Science from deDuquesne University 

"I feel blessed daily to have been fortunate enough to receive an education. We live in a world full of talented individuals who are not guided to reach their full potential. Education is the single most important foundation for success. No matter the amount of talent in athletics that I could have ever possessed, without an education my life, I am positive, would be completely different."

Lisa Poppovich Smith

Massillon Washington HS graduate Bachelors degree in Human Ecology from The Ohio State University, with a focus of merchandising and marketing

"Having the opportunity to be a college athlete at any level is a privilege. But being able to get a great education on top of that is invaluable. My experience at Walsh as a student athlete was incredible and has provided me with many opportunities since graduation! It is my hopes to give my players the same experiences I had!"



Christina Paone

Degree in Business Marketing from Walsh University

Head Womens Golf Coach: Walsh University

"As a child growing up I learned quickly the importance of trying your best in school. If I wasn't getting good grades then I knew I wouldn't be able to play sports. It all starts in the classroom. Your attitude, effort, and mindset in school will carry over to all areas of your life. I wanted to be a leader in whatever sport I played, so I made it a priority to strive to be a leader in the classroom as well. Working hard in school helped me get noticed by coaches and colleges for my grades. My positive attitude and work ethic carried over into sports which helped me earn a scholarship to play football. Sports will only take you so far. With the right attitude and work ethic education will take you as far as you want to go.



Danny Reed

Lake HS graduate

Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from Walsh University

Current Uniontown Elementary first grade teacher

"I was always taught by my parents at an early age that education and working hard in school was the most important thing for me to do if I wanted to be successful in life, regardless of your socio-economic or racial background. I teach and preach that sentiment today. The leverage you can own and sustain by being educated is immeasurable."


David Lee Morgan, Jr.

Bachelor's degree in Professional Writing and Editing (English Department) and a minor in Journalism ifrom Youngstown State University 

Author, Journalist and Educator

* LeBron James: The Rise of A Star (2003)

* More Than a Coach: What It Means To Play For Coach, Mentor and Friend Jim Tressel (2009)

* A Ring For The King: King James, Shaq and the Quest for an NBA Championship (2009)

* Game Changers: The Greatest Plays in Ohio State Football History (2010)

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