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Guys with Ties is a leadership group for third grade boys under the direction of Beyond The Game and partnered with Kent Hamilton, Michi Thomas and faculty located in each school. The Guys with Ties program started during the 2016-2017 school year at Middlebranch Elementary in Canton Ohio with 35 students. Due to the success of the program, Guys with Ties has grown to over 35 different schools across the country including Las Vegas, Phoenix and Hawaii!!

The group’s motto is “Look good, feel good, DO good.” Third grade boys who are a part of the group have agreed to give up their recess and lunch to participate in a monthly luncheon. On these days, the boys are dressed for success in matching shirt and ties that they wear at school.  During the luncheon, lessons are delivered on Dining Etiquette, Showing Respect to the Elderly/Females, Community Service, Importance of Saying Thank You, Introducing Yourself, Goal Setting, and more!  Guest speakers from the community have also joined the luncheons to share their personal experiences with the students.


Guys with Ties reflects the Professional Performance focus area by helping students to be college and career ready.  The goal of our Guys with Ties program is to grow our young boys into gentleman by teaching them the skills to be successful in society. During our monthly luncheons, students participate in lessons on how to properly give a handshake, how to tie a tie, the importance of first impressions, dining etiquette and more. These skills will set our students up to be successful with whatever career path they choose.


When students are dressed for success, they have improved confidence while at school. Being a part of a group gives the students a purpose and accountability for their actions. Self-esteem is also improved. We believe all of these characteristics leads to academic improvement while at school.


To learn about how to implement this program in your school district please click below!


We are proud to partner with Fully Promoted out of Canton, Ohio to bring you Guys With Ties Apparel! Click below to visit the apparel store and purchase your very own Guys With Ties gear! The Guys With Ties apparel site was created to build awareness and raise funds for the Guys With Ties Foundation. We sincerely appreciate your support.


We are proud to announce that our programs have expanded to Arizona. Read the below article to learn more!


Palomino Intermediate Students Learn Leadership Skills Through Guys With Ties and Girls With Pearls Programs


Members from the Guys With Ties Group were rewarded for their acts of kindness by being invited down to Columbus OH to watch Ohio State practice, tour the facility and meet new Head Coach Ryan Day and the staff on March 26th 2022!


On Monday November 23rd Guys With Ties was happy to announce their expansion to Gibbs Elementary in Canton! Approximately 40 boys in grades 3-5, which is a majority of the boys attending in-person classes at Gibbs are participating in the program. Our team is thrilled to have more boys in the community join Guys With Ties and we can't wait to share our program with them! 

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Earlier this year, 3News spent the afternoon with third-graders at Fairless Elementary School in Stark County, where students once a month put on a shirt and tie and discuss ways to make a positive impact on their community. The group's motto is "Look good, feel good, DO good." While students have been out of the classroom due to the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual lessons are still taking place. And most recently, a parent sent an email recognizing just how impactful those lessons can be, particularly coming from Jordan.


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