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Beyond The Game works with youth to achieve success not  only in sports but in the community and the classroom as well. Scroll through some of our testimonials below to read how education has helped others GO BEYOND!

Thank you, Devin L Jordan with Beyond The Game  for donating today’s meal to the The Official McKinley Volleyball Group!

Our program is so lucky to have the support From you!

#CommunityStrong #BulldogVolleyball #CantonMcKinley

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Beyond The Game Testimonial

Ashley Stroud

-Volleyball Coach, McKinley Highschool

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Beyond The Game Testimonial

What an amazing experience for ALL our children!


Thank you for taking the time to teach so many young athletes. My boys had so much fun and I was happy to see so many players from NFL Flag participating!

Kiisha Sanders 

-Friday Night Lights Parent

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Big thank you to Beyond The Game for donating 50 pairs of cleats to kids in Stark county at youth camp! Great to have your support in our community!

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Antonio Hall

-Athletic Director, Mckinley Highschool

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"Noah and Jensen just shook each others' hands in the hall and said, "Have a good afternoon" to one one another.  All four of my boys involved shook my hand when I got back to the room.If this is the result of one meeting, I can't wait to see what kind of long term impact this has!  Thank you!"

Mrs. Bednar

-3rd Grade Teacher, Alton Darby Elementary

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