Winter Football Training Academy

This academy provides a unique once a week training sessions that will help mold young athletes into the complete well-rounded football player. These sessions will be held in Stark County  and Franklin County. The academy will provide not only a solid foundation of football knowledge and skill, but provide a mentoring element that they will receive from our Beyond the Game staff who have excelled at football at the highest level.  Campers will work hands-on with former Ohio State football players, former High School and college coaches, former College football stars,  former and current NFL players, and will hear from special guest motivational speakers each session! Over the course of the academy sessions, athletes will improve their skills using the same drills and techniques that top football players use. Athletes will work in groups with other participants of the same age.  Important topics such as strength and conditioning, sports nutrition, education, teamwork, accountability, sportsmanship and other important life lessons will also be addressed. There will also be a leadership and accountability element involved to develop the athletes. 

2018 Football Academy

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