Mental Manual

Mental Manual


It is impossible to verbalize how athletics shape an individual. Devin Jordan reveals the leaders that influenced him as living examples of what they taught and believed. In this manual, you will find successful methods that provide students athletes with the ability to balance their life experiences between classwork, participation in athletic programs, and community service. The author uses these methods to continue the legacy of great leaders he experienced in sports along his path including positive thinking while building a strong work ethic. Devin Jordan will help you become a self-disciplined individual who possesses the organizational skills necessary for personal success. Without doubt, the fundamental values in Mental Manual will be instilled in every reader for a lifetime. Order your copy today!

Beyond The Game is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in February 2016. The concept behind the organization is to help kids understand that sports is a platform to achieving a higher education and reaching their potential as adults.


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