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-Liaison of Guys With Ties



 In 2016 Michi along with Physical Education teacher Kent Hamilton saw a need in their school to help further educate their students beyond the classroom. They established Guys with Ties, a program to ensure a development of a well-rounded student. Guys with Ties looks to educate elementary aged boys on hard work, manners, and character. This program has become nationally known and has expanded into all Plain Local Elementary schools as well as throughout Ohio. Michi is elated to be a part of the Beyond the Game Team and excited to see where Guys with Ties will be headed in the future.


Michele (Michi) Thomas is a mother, wife, friend, and Community Liaison at Middlebranch Elementary, one of six elementary schools in the Plain Local Schools District. Michi connects students with resources to fulfill their physiological needs to better enhance their learning. Michi grew up in South Amherst, Ohio, where she attended and graduated from Open Door Christian School. Michi pursued a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Judson University in Elgin, Illinois, where she met her husband Kevin, and in 2000 they put down roots in North Canton, Ohio. Together they have three children, Kaleb (24), Kensington (22), and Kyle (19). Michi has history in sales, clerical work, and offers ample interpersonal skills to any situation. Michi loves to travel, read, cook, and she is very active in her Church community. Michi has a passion for helping others and is always looking for new ways to connect her students with new resources. 

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