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-Treasurer/Administrative Assistant



LaToya obtained an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration and a Certificate in Business Management from Montgomery Community College in Philadelphia, PA. LaToya currently works as Senior Payroll Specialist for LifeStyle Communities. She holds 19 years of Payroll, Payroll Tax and Human Resources experience and is set to obtain her B.A. in Human Resource Management early 2022, from Franklin University. Previously LaToya spent 4 years as Vice President of Chapter 801 Woman’s Life Society, as well as Volunteer Campaign Manager for Man & Woman of the Year, through the Leukemia & Lymphoma Organization.


While born in Columbus, Ohio, LaToya grew up in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia, PA. In her spare time, LaToya enjoys participating in dance fitness classes and spending time with family and friends. LaToya is a huge fan of sports, preferably basketball, where her top retired and current NBA players are Allen Iverson and Damian Lillard. Being a sports mom of 4 athletic children of her own, LaToya has a passion for inspiring the youth and others to obtain their goals through education, hard work and dedication, while also being an advocate for their success. LaToya works with Beyond The Game as the Treasurer as well as an Administrative Assistant. 

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